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Welcome to my kitchen!

Katerina Stai-Failadi

Tell me what you eat, to tell you who you are.
Old Greek saying

Welcome to my kitchen, welcome to a journey full of flavor. Together we will make greek and mediterranean dishes, traditional and not, dishes delicious and above all healthy.

Katerina Stai – Failadis is a Professor of Greek Language. After her marriage she lives mainly abroad, following her husband who is a Press and Communication Counselor of Greek Embassies, and since 2008 she lives in Beijing. She gives “Greek cuisine & healthy diet” courses trying to impart her love for the wellcooked homemade food always based on Greek olive oil.


My Latest Recipes

The famous greek "tzatziki"! A very fresh and cool salad which can be also served as a dip... 

4/8 people
10m · 0m

Tasty kebabs with delicious sauces. You family will love it and your guests as well!

6/10 people
120m · 30m

An extraordinary combination of ingredients! Elegant taste, a very fine gourmet ready to accompany your dinner...

20/25 people
15m · 13m

Every New Year's Eve we prepare the cake ("Vassilopita", St. Basil's New Year's cake) , decorate it with the number of the New Year and we hide a coin (gold, silver or brass) inside , which is believed to bring good luck to whoever wins .

The unique flavor of Mastic will give a special aroma in your "Vassilopita" that will be memorable to the family and your guests !

12/20 people
15m · 50m

Small, chewy morsels with the wonderful aroma and texture of coconut combined with the fine taste of "all time classic" dark chocolate... simply unique!

30 people
25m · 20m

The most famous greek dish that has plenty of lovers...

8 people
25m · 60m

A delicious Mediterranean, quick and easy prepared recipe which really worth it for you to try!

4/6 people
5m · 20m

"Batzina" is a traditional pumpkin pie from the area of Thessaly, easy to make - as there is no pastry sheet up and down - and so much tasty! We find it in many interesting variations.

10/20 people
20m · 45m

A specialty of the region of Thrace in northeastern Greece, this dip is served all over Greece!

4/8 people
15m · 0m

A  wonderful, simple recipe for any festive table / buffet as a side dish - it may accompany any kind of meat - or even as a vegetarian main dish. Simple ingredients, rich flavor ... At the same time it is a nutritious dish as the quince contains valuable vitamins and nutrients that make it one of the most healthy fruit. As for the prunes, they provide us with a total of 80 % of the RDA of seven key nutrients including magnesium and potassium . Enjoy!

6/8 people
30m · 60m