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Welcome to my kitchen!

Katerina Stai-Failadi

Tell me what you eat, to tell you who you are.
Old Greek saying

Welcome to my kitchen, welcome to a journey full of flavor. Together we will make greek and mediterranean dishes, traditional and not, dishes delicious and above all healthy.

Katerina Stai – Failadis is a Professor of Greek Language. After her marriage she lives mainly abroad, following her husband who is a Press and Communication Counselor of Greek Embassies, and since 2008 she lives in Beijing. She gives “Greek cuisine & healthy diet” courses trying to impart her love for the wellcooked homemade food always based on Greek olive oil.


My Latest Recipes

A very tasty recipe for chicken, full of colours and flavor!

4/6 people
15m · 30m

A classic, traditional recipe for the pie that... works wonders!!!

10/15 people
10m · 25m

Health and freshness, taste and color... all in a salad which can be served as a light main dish!

6/8 people
20m · 10m

Not only are these candied orange peels deliciously unique, it’s also a great way to make sure nothing goes to waste while still taking advantage of the season. Of course, you could use this technique for any citrus, including grapefruit, lemons, and limes. Chocolate-dipped candied orange peel (also known as orangettes) are a lovely holiday confection!

4/6 people
15m · 50m

The Mykonian onion pie is a special dish, which combines the onion together with local cheese of Mykonos t'rovolia ( tyrovolia )

It's about my proposal for a surprisingly delicious pie stuffed with onions, cheese full of chard and dill aromas. The recipe that I have years from both my Mykonian grandmothers and I make it whenever I save some t'rovolia from Mykonos as my family goes crazy for that. This pie is very healthy and it 's an excellent snack for children in school. Accompanied by a fresh season salad, may become a main course. If you cannot find t'rovolia, you can use any white cheese you like.

Tyrovolia : Soft white cheese with a long history on the island of Mykonos , as it's used in most traditional pies . It is fresh and unsalted.

10/20 people
30m · 60m

Baked shrimps with feta cheese. An appetizer ideal for ouzo or white wine... just amazing!

4/6 people
15m · 25m

Try this recipe even if fish is not one of your favourite dishes and I'm sure you're gonna love it!

4 people
20m · 40m

A healthy salad loaded with nuts, fruits and greens. So special!

4/6 people
15m · 0m

These homemade cereal bars pack well for mid-day snacks, for school or  for the office. Vary the ingredients for variety or to make them more wholesome. Be creative!

Tahini or Tehina  is 100% sesame; roasted and pressed. It's Gluten-free  and peanut -free, delicious and nutricious! 

10/15 people
10m · 10m

An easy but also "inspired" appetizer ideal to pleasantly surprise your guests!

10/20 people
15m · 20m