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Welcome to my kitchen!

Katerina Stai-Failadi

Tell me what you eat, to tell you who you are.
Old Greek saying

Welcome to my kitchen, welcome to a journey full of flavor. Together we will make greek and mediterranean dishes, traditional and not, dishes delicious and above all healthy.

Katerina Stai – Failadis is a Professor of Greek Language. After her marriage she lives mainly abroad, following her husband who is a Press and Communication Counselor of Greek Embassies, and since 2008 she lives in Beijing. She gives “Greek cuisine & healthy diet” courses trying to impart her love for the wellcooked homemade food always based on Greek olive oil.


My Latest Recipes

A very tasty, healthy and full of vitamins salad with fresh greens and a fantastic dressing with orange juice and honey!


4/6 people
15m · 0m

One of the best traditional stuffing that gives even more flavor to the turkey transforming it to the "Diva" winning the Christmas show !

4/6 people
15m · 10m

An alternative for the meatballs that may be leftover ...  fricassee with stamnagathi! An amazing proposal even for a festive table...

4/6 people
40m · 40m

Stuffed grapevine leaves with rice, small black raisins (currants) and pine cone seeds. So healthy...

4/6 people
40m · 30m

A sweet pie with dry fruits, ideal for coffee or tea, so much healthy and tasty! You're gonna love it...

10/15 people
20m · 40m

A quick and easy homemade pizza dough with olive oil. Crispy and tasty!

6/10 people
20m · 30m

This creamy cheese cake tastes of honey and cinnamon and you'll find yourself trying it many times!

10/15 people
20m · 45m

Leftover cooked yellow split peas? Any idea of what to do with it? "Transform" it to a totally different version... Favokeftedes (yellow split peas patties)!!!
This is not a burger, nor falafel, it is something in between . Whatever it is, the yellow split peas patty is very nutritious and healthy because it is grilled and does not contain oils, yet still retains  a full flavor profile and it's very tasty !

4/8 people
15m · 20m

A really incredible dish! The "Mavrodaphne" wine tantalise the taste of food...

4 people
20m · 30m

The famous Chinese mooncakes in a very interesting variant with olive oil and almonds stuffing... just delicious!!!

20 people
40m · 20m